Thierry Willemarck Biography


10 December 1953


Industrial Engineer (1978);
PhD in business and administration (1980);
MBA at Harvard University (1993) and Program Management Development (PMD) at MIT (2008)


37 years in different management positions including CEO of subsidiaries at ConocoPhillips (oil industry);
CEO of Touring Club Belgium (16 years);
Former ARC board member (14 years), ARC President 2014-2016;
President of ACTA in France;
President of the Chamber of Commerce of Brussels;
Former Vice President of ELIA (Energy transport on high voltage network).

Hobbies, Interests and Charities

Vice President of the Fondation St Jean (Charity);
old timers;

AIT & FIA History

Vice President of FIA Region I (2005-2013);
President of FIA Region I (since 2013);
Member of the FIA Audit Committee (2010-2013);
President of the FIA Audit Committee (since 2014);
Sponsor of the FIA University;
Member of the FIA World Council of Automobile Mobility and Tourism (since 2005);
AIT President (since December 2016).